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First World Environment by Ondie First World Environment by Ondie
Disconnect and self destruct one
Bullet at a time
What's your rush now, everyone will have his day to die
Medicated, drama queen,
picture perfect, numb belligerence
Narcissistic, drama queen, craving fame and all it's decadence.
You've given in to all these
Reckless dark desires

A Perfect Circle

I don't like how our society has come about. I made this work to represent how in my opinion, we value appearance ( looks ) too much!
Almost every icon in the media is plastic. The idea of them is also, it is completely unnatural. No one can possibly look like that in real life. I mean. C'mon guys.
It even goes deeper than my description. So why do we buy into this?

The main focal point of this project I chose was the term: Mushroom.
So I based my art piece off of two interpretations of the word "mushroom".
Mushrooms are often seen as a food item, growing off of ground as fungi, natural.
However, mushroom can also be interpreted as to grow, expand rapidly or swell.

The front mushroom representing the second definition ( expansion ) and the back of the box drawing as the first definition ( natural/ as one ).

The outside is sparse in appearance to enhance the idea that we value outer appearance too tooooo toooo much. If a viewer were to judge just based on the outside of the box, majority would believe it is boring, and move on.

However, those who do peer in will have a surprise. It is designed as a box because the viewer is forced to look closely into it to see the drawing in the back. This is an art piece composed for the individual, and not for an audience to see. Since everyone has a different interpretation, I wanted this to be for the singular audience. One-at-a-time kind of deal

I won't go further into explanation since I would like you, the viewer, to interpret my work how you would like

Made for "The Outsider Contest" at :iconsupernatural-art:

Ahnnnn :iconbwahplz:
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Suiish Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is amazing, not only in concept but execution too, it seaks volumes! the drawing is so delic ate and pretty and how are you so crafty! ?! =0 its so pretty and very well constructed!
blanket86 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Beautiful and very interesting work! Congratulations! :love:
Ondie Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh thank you! 83
amumaju Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Totally approve the meaning of this work, nowadays appearence is the only thing people look at to judge a person, consequently becoming the value everyone has to follow to be accepted by others. Television and magazines show beautiful women and men only for commercial purposes, letting our society think that beauty is indispensable.
That connection with the double meaning of the mushroom is really interesting. =)
And that drawing, it's freaking beautiful! *O*

Ondie Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much <3 Yeahup we societies that are rich in money have the idea that appearance of youth is necessary and we need to do all we can to improve this image. We've bought into this idea. And thank you, I thought it was also interesting haha 83
Escria Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like it a lot! so perf work!
Ondie Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
YOUH A PERF WORK. But thank you so sososososososososoosss much 
Escria Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sure thing dude
SilverFickle Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013  Student General Artist
Love your opinion, your work is so detailed and this one is fueled by hate O: Extremely fascinating concept with the mushrooms wow! :star: Seriously you crafted this all by yourself?! WOW! *^*

I would've interpret it just like you, I really agree with you that the world is being shaped into something else. But keep in mind that the minorities are still here, the people who repel plastic and shine as an individual :) They are still here, we should start bringing them up or at least not to let the few cool people become invisible. ><

I can look at it another way. If you want another idea for this ^_^
It's like a little child's secret box. Precious near the heart and as fragile as a dream. This particular child lives in a dull grey planet, everything is spick and span, neat and tidy, grey and dull. But this child, as if alien, dreams of colorful rebellion. This child is just tired and bored out of their wits! Hates their own culture and created this fueled by rebellious passion, they made the exterior white and boring but inside, inside is just like their own insides-- just itching to be wild. This secret box is is locked away from their culture and it should never ever be found out or else.. Off with their head.

Ondie Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Foshoh' I ded! Besides the magazine cutouts in the front .. 
and and the white board..q n q I wish I could conjure this stuff up...

I'll definitely bring the minority up in future works. I'm glad you mentioned them, I do also believe there are quite a few that share the same opinion as us on this subject. It's just  that I wanted to help bring awareness to those who don't often think about it. Since it's become so embedded into our outlook of society and culture ( It's kinda' become our norm to accept this type of behavior ). But I'm hoping it also serves as a reminder to those who do think this way often too 

LOL I LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE your opinions 83 you have a fantastic imagination and thought process. Don't ever let it go to waste. Although I don't think you're wasting it on me right now so...CARRY ON AHAHAHHA XD I love to be conceit
SilverFickle Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013  Student General Artist
Amazing!! *^* How long did it take you? 
Oh come on, it's so epic knowing you single handedly crafted this out! And how on earth does one just conjure up a box?! XD besides, people who actually manufacture boxes cant do anything like this! :D

What kind of minorities are you thinking about if you dont mind my curious head?
I'm pretty sure 90% of tumblr shares the same opinion xD
It's a nice thing you're doing! ^_^

Haha really? Thankew! >w< lol so it's okay if I add a little story to every comment from now on? yay! XD <3
Ondie Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
LOL TUMBLR. Yeah I guess you're right ;3

And I guess this took me 10hrs or so in total...erhm maybe?
I think e _ e

Thanks for all the compliments you lovely
SilverFickle Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013  Student General Artist
Yay x3
yeah, tumblr user myself too lol

wow that is LONG!! O: this turned out amazing and it is totally worth it if you ask me *_*

you're welcome, love! <3
MiMiDong Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
wow. so deep. and it looks soo good as well~! good job! 
Ondie Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thank you, really! * u * 
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